by Nørding

The hunting pipe - the famous annual serie from Erik Nørding...

The idea was to make a unique pipe where the shape and colour brought out the characteristics of a wild animal.
Each pipe includes a drawing and a short explanation describing the animal selected for that year’s edition and is delivered in a beautiful tube.

Erik Nording asked Mr. Mogens Andersen - who is one of Denmark’s finest illustrators of wild game - to make a drawing of the ultimate hunting pipe. The first hunting pipe was presented in 1995.

The Warthog 2022



The  Ruffed Grouse 2021

The  Cheetah 2020

The White Rhino 2019

The Owl 2018

The Pigeon 2017

The Zebra 2016

The Elephant 2015

The Crocodile 2014

The Fox 2013

The White Mountain Sheep 2012

The Brown Bear 2011

The Buffalo 2010

The Hare 2009

The Woodcock 2008

The Elk 2007

The Wild Turkey 2006

The Hunter 2005

The Cobra 2004

The White Tail 2003

The Moose 2002

The Mallard 2001

The Wild Boar 2000

The Quail 1999

The Weaver 1998

The Canadian Goose 1997

The Sika 1996

The Pheasant 1995