by Nørding

A Danish interpretation of the Poker pipe made in a combination of quality Briar wood and gunmetal coloured Aluminium for the shank.

With the 17mm chimney tobacco chamber the pipe is an excellent smoke and will quickly become one of your most cherished pipes.
A coloured Churchwarden shank and stem can be fitted for a slightly cooler smoke.
All compass pipes are delivered with a Grey bag with the Compass Symbol.

The Compass pipe comes in 5 briar finishes:
Black Smooth, Rustic Brown, Brown Grain Smooth, Rustic Natural Natural Smooth and Raw.
The Compass Sailor pipe comes in 7 colors:
Silver, Gold, Copper, Orange, Red, Blue and Gunmetal.

And the New Compass Sailor Matte with 7 colors:

Silver, Gunmetal, Red, Orange, Army green, Black, Royal Blue.


This model comes with different finishes.

Natural Smooth

Natural Rustic

Brown Smooth


Brown Rustic

Black Smooth

Brown Matte

Sailor Matte

We encourage you to add a little color to your life, and sail on the high seas with flying colors.

The new Sailor Matte line of the Compass series introduces a number of festive colors in a refined matte finish.

The new colors are Silver, Gunmetal, Red, Copper ,Army green, Black, Royal blue.

The Symbol for Compass from the old Viking times:
If this sign is carried, one will never lose one’s way in storms or bad weather, even when the way is not known.”

The "vegvisir" was a kind of runic compass. It was a Viking rune stave, a magical device used to aid in sea navigation.According to a number of legends, this protective symbol was inscribed on seagoing vessels to insure their safe return.The most common depiction of the rune Compass comes from the 17th century Galdrabok, an Icelandic Grimoire.