Silver Classic

by Nørding

A tribute...

Our Silver Classic line is a tribute to the traditional elegant and well balanced smoking pipes designed in the early days of pipe smoking.

Nørding Silver Classic

The pipes in the Silver Classic line are all kept in their primordial and comfortable size with a weight around the 40g / 1.4oz mark.
The different models all comes in a smooth and sandblast version with bowls of fine Briar and mouthpieces made of black Acrylic in the same good quality found in our other series of pipes..


True to the style and look of the old classic pipes, the embellishment is kept to minimum just with an elegant sterling silver (925) ring graced with our "N"-logo.
The end result is a classic and elegant looking traditionel smoking pipe - with a dash of our magic "Nørding-Spice" :-)


We hope you like it...