The Nose Warmer

by Nørding

The Nørding Nose Warmer (NNW)

This is the first model of the new NNW series that we are presenting this year (2019).

The idea is to make a line of smaller pipes minded for the pipes smoker that prefers the shorter but still traditional Danish handmade shapes.

The first 2019 shape is a short stubby quarter bend pipe with a low and wide cognac shape bowl and a short shank with a ring in African nut or Palm three.

We are producing different models in 3 or more different finishes: Rustic, Sandblasted, Smooth, and more coming........... The pipes are classified with 1, 2 or 3 depending of the quality of briarwood.

NNW Model 2019 (1)

NNW Model 2020 (2)