The Hunting Pipe

by Nørding

The hunting pipe - the famous annual serie from Erik Nørding...

The idea was to make a unique pipe where the shape and colour brought out the characteristics of a wild animal.
Each pipe includes a drawing and a short explanation describing the animal selected for that year’s edition and is delivered in a beautiful tube.

Erik Nording asked Mr. Mogens Andersen - who was one of Denmark’s finest illustrators of wild game - to make a drawing of the ultimate hunting pipe. The first hunting pipe was presented in 1995.

The Black Swan 2023

The Black Swan (Cygnus atratus) is nowadays known around the world for its beauty, elegance, and grace...
That alone would account for our inspiration for the 2023 Hunting Pipe - but to be more specific, the contrast between the black feathers and the bright red beak was what caught our initial attention.

Having a closer look, the black feathers of Black Swan actually have a ruffled appearance, witch looks surprisingly similar to the finish of our lightly sandblast pipes. The light reflections in the pit black blasted surface mimics perfectly the slight greyish areas of the feathers of younger birds.

The bright and warm chili-red color on the beak with a white line sets a beautiful and bold contrast to the black body of the swan.

The red stem of the 2023 Hunting Pipe with our white "N" and a few decorative narrow lines completes our interpretation of this spectacular bird.

The Black Swan are native to Australia and is the official bird of Western Australia. It is featured on the flag of this state and in its coat of arms.
It has since been introduced to New Zealand, Europe, and North America but are still rather rare in these regions.

The "black swan theory" is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise and with a major effect.

According to the Black Swan Group, “Black Swans” are the small things that change everything and give you something better.


We hope you like it :-)

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