by Nørding

Follow the grain - with creative choices when dealing with natural imperfections in the Briar...

Erik Nørding has probably produced more freehand pipes than any other pipe-maker.
In the late sixties he started to experiment with the possibility to give a pipe a unique and original look and feel instead of the shapes of the traditional English, Italian or French pipes.

When carving a freehand pipe, he tries as much as possible to follow the grain making creative choices when he as to deal with natural defects within the wood.
Nørding exclusively uses plateau wood for the Freehand Pipes, the outer part of the briar block where you find the most beautiful texture and appearance of the wood.

Matte Brown

Our Freehand Pipes are now available in a Matte Brown finish, accentuated by colourful stems to complement the expressive design of the pipe.

Freehand Pipes are made out of plateau wood that is cut out of the outer part of briar wood blocks, defining their unique style and craftsmanship.

Virgin Grain # 1

For these models of pipes we use only selected wood from the very best plateau briar blocks. Each of them is hand-carved to perfection, presenting the grain in the briarwood in its most beautiful way. Only a very small part of all briar blocks has the grain, which is beautiful enough to be grouped as a Freehand Grain # 1. A truly unique and luxurious Freehand Pipe.
Colors: Natural and Light orange

Orange Grain # 2

A unique hand-carved pipe with beautiful flame to straight grain. The black background and the orange top colour make a strong contrast in the graining of the briarwood.
Color: Orange


When paintings and pipes come together. Pictures are transported to the briar surface to bring pleasure and harmony to the pipe smoker. All pipes are one-of-a-kind as all is done by hand. Indeed, these unique pipes are true conversation pieces and a collector’s must-have.
Comes in smooth and semi rustic

Grain # 3

A truly Danish-styled freehand pipe with its characteristic plateau graining.
Colours: Dark and light brown. In 2021 we introduce the new color Brown Matte

Signature Smooth - Black Grain - Rustic

Our Signature Series are beautifully crafted Freehand Pipes, featuring smooth natural, black or rustic finishes. Signature Smooth has the natural color of untreated briarwood and will tan beautifully after having been smoked. With its strong contrasts between light and black colored grain, the Signature Black Gain is a true eye-catcher featuring the natural beauty of the grain. The Signature Rustic is a partly rusticated freehand pipe leaving the most beautiful part of the plateau wood in the natural color of briar.
And as a bonus each pipe has been signed by Erik Nording.

Black Smooth (With Marble Bit)

A very elegant and luxurious Nording Freehand pipe in a polished black finish coming with a complementary mouthpiece in a decorative marble-like pattern.

F Moss

Partly rusticated freehand pipes leave small areas of the briar standing out, highlighting the grain of the briar.


A lot of rustication brings out the distinctive shape of the pipe even more.
The contrast between the deep black and the colour of the natural briarwood in the carvings makes this finish truly remarkable.

Point Clear

A lot of rustication brings out the distinctive shape of the pipe even more.

Spruce Cone

A lot of rustication brings out the distinctive shape of the pipe even more.


A lot of rustication brings out the distinctive shape of the pipe even more.

Briar Line

A different kind of rustication brings out the distinctive shape of the pipe even more.
We have the Briar line, Briar line natural and Briar line rustic.


Freehand Fantasy is a typical Nording Freehand pipe. No rules, no form to follow - only the imagination of the carver defines the shape. The Freehand Fantasy pipes have some rustication but most of the pipe will be left smooth.
Colour: reddish and dark carvings

Rustic # 4

Partly rusticated freehand pipe leaving the most beautiful grain to stand out.


An oversized freehand pipe designed for the pipes enthusiast that likes very large pipes; the finish comes booth  with smooth and rustic. The colors are light brown, dark brown and orange